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About Us and How We Work

Created in 2002, the Votorantim Institute is the nucleus of social intelligence of Votorantim companies and works on the generation of shared value.

Through these efforts, we promote social benefits that are increasingly important and lasting in the locations where Votorantim operates, while also creating an environment that is conducive to the sustainable operation of the company’s businesses.

Our work prioritizes learning about the current challenges of the regions where Votorantim conducts its businesses, which is one of the steps to understand the long-term solutions for society and to identify opportunities and risks for the business.

Based on this diagnosis, we develop strategies and projects to promote social development and, at the same time, increase the competitiveness of the companies.

In all our initiatives, we also seek alignment with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

To us, in a more just and sustainable society, everyone wins.


To enhance the social performance of the Votorantim companies, contributing to the competitiveness of the business and the development of communities.


Companies and communities evolving in synergy.

Our work

We seek to strengthen the socio-economic development levers of the locations where Votorantim operates on two fronts: Social Business Management, which is directly linked to the company’s strategy, and Local Development, in which we work to strengthen and enhance the local potential for social development.



In 2017, the Votorantim Institute helped to enhance the social investment of Votorantim companies, aiming to generate shared value: R$ 127.1 million were invested, benefiting almost 860,000 people in 144 towns and cities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.


64.5 millions
204 projects


64.8 millions
248 projects


76.1 millions
293 projects


71.5 millions
320 projects


108.5 millions
340 projects


127.1 millions

Organizational chart

The controlling shareholder of Votorantim is the Ermírio de Moraes family through the Hejoassu holding company, which is managed through the Hejoassu Council (Council of Property) and the Family Council.

Votorantim S. A., which is controlled by Hejoassu, is the portfolio manager, with oversight by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for defining and developing the business portfolio.

In parallel, the Board of the Votorantim Institute is responsible for providing guidelines for social investment, operating through three committees: BNDES Committee, Strategy Committee and Finance Committee. In addition, each portfolio company has its own Board of Directors.


Learn about the Votorantim Institute’s trajectory since its creation in our timeline.


  • 2002

    Sermentes Team (2016 Volunteer Challenge)
    CreationThe Votorantim Institute was created at the end of 2002 to align, strengthen and enhance Votorantim’s social performance. To foster the potential for development in the communities, the Institute started to develop policies and strategies to guide social investments, with emphasis on programs in the area of work and education for young people, a field that would later be expanded.
  • 2003

    PVE’s Play Session in Juquiá (SP)
    LearningsThe Institute implemented committees in its companies, in which the employees acted as investment managers, monitoring the projects. Since then it has been supporting the relationships with communities and the development of social projects.
  • 2004

    “Sabores da Fazenda” Project (Flavors from the farm) in Niquelândia (MG) - Programa ReDes
    ConsolidationThis was a period that saw a strengthening and consolidation of support between the companies and the Institute, with the development of programs and partnerships for the implementation of social projects in the communities, still focusing on education and work.
  • 2005/2006

    Ms. Morena, a beneficiary of the ReDes Program
    Expansion and Social ResponsibilityTo strengthen and enhance its social investment planning, in 2005 and 2006, the Institute trained dedicated professionals to serve each of its companies. The period was also marked by the expansion of its activities in the area of culture, with the beginning of the Votorantim Cultural Democratization Program, and the emergence of Via – Support for the Statute of Children and Adolescents.
  • 2007

    Vitória das Marias Cooperative Project – Homemade and Manufactured Products, in Três Marias (MG) – ReDes Program
    Strategic EvolutionIn its fifth year, the Institute developed a strategic plan and began to guide the integration of the social investments of its companies. This was the year in which the Ethos Indicators began to be used by several of its companies. Also in 2007, the Institute coordinated the 1st Social Leader Award, to recognize employees who were committed to social initiatives in the communities.
  • 2008

    Making flags during PVE’s Play Session in Juquiá (SP)
    Paths to the FutureThe Votorantim Institute extended its support to projects in the area of sports and launched the “Creating paths to the future” concept, thus systematizing programs dedicated to young people. The systematization of methodologies also advanced, with the launch of the External Social Investment Guide and the development of the Stakeholder Engagement Manual, the Partnership Formalization Guide and the Partner Guide.
  • 2009

    Association of the Beekeepers of Brasilândia (ABA, for its initials in Portuguese) – ReDes Program
    SustainabilityIn its seventh year, the Votorantim Institute further reinforced its commitment to enhancing social investment and strengthening a culture of social responsibility. The strategic evolution experienced in recent years also led the Institute to embrace the new role of encouraging the companies to align with Votorantim’s seven Sustainability Principles, one of the milestones of 2009 and an initial exercise on business integration. Another important achievement was the launch of the Votorantim Partnership for Education (PVE, for its initials in Portuguese).
  • 2010

    Pedro Villares, president of the Arapyaú Institute, partner in the Sobral de Futuro Project
    Network of PartnersThis was the year of networking and the expansion of partnerships aimed at promoting the economic development of communities. A noteworthy accomplishment was the consolidation of an agreement with the National Bank for Social and Economic Development (BNDES, for its initials in Portuguese), which culminated in the creation of the ReDes Program.
  • 2011

    Aerial view of Rondon (Pará)
    Territorial ViewThe Votorantim Institute consolidated its work in support of local development, initiating direct partnerships with municipal governments to jointly analyze impacts and define investments. Another important milestone of the year was the decision to integrate social investment planning into Votorantim’s strategic planning, which gave weight to the role and relevance of the Institute.
  • 2012/2013

    Xambiart Project, in Xambioá (TO) – ReDes Program
    Social Management in BusinessThe years 2012 and 2013 saw a consolidation of the performance of the Votorantim Institute in the development of sustainability strategies and the creation of the social management system, with a focus on shared value. Two other important programs were launched: the Support to Public Administration Program and the Local Organizations Empowerment Program.
  • 2015

    Itacastanha Project, in Itabaiana (SE) – ReDes Program
    Shared Value GenerationThis was the year when the Votorantim Institute continued the process of adapting to the short- and medium-term needs of the companies, combining the financial management of the external social investments and developing them according to the context of each operation. Also in 2015, a strategic partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was formalized to improve the methodology of the ReDes Program.
  • 2016

    View of the Paz del Río plant in Nobsa (Boyacá), Colombia
    International ReachFollowing Votorantim’s internationalization, the Institute expanded its role as a nucleus of social strategy internationally. In 2016, the Institute developed a customized project for the PazdelRío Foundation, an arm of the company of the same name, controlled by Votorantim Siderurgia in Colombia. The Institute supported the Foundation in reviewing its social strategy and governance. The project portfolio was also adjusted to strengthen communities and to build a lasting legacy for our region.


After almost a century in business, Votorantim has achieved a leading position in most of the markets in which it operates and has consolidated itself as one of the major business groups in Brazil.

Today, the company operates in 23 countries and has a diversified portfolio in terms of geography and business, with operations in strategic sectors of the economy – cement, metals and mining, steel, energy, pulp, orange juice and financial services.

Votorantim employs more than 40,000 people worldwide, most of them in Brazil. Together, the seven portfolio companies – Votorantim Cimentos, Nexa, Votorantim Energia, CBA (Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio), Fibria, Citrosuco and Banco Votorantim – are part of a business that includes more than 536 operating and administrative units in five continents, which form an important value chain, responsible for the production of goods that are essential for the development of the economy and society.

The company’s assets in Brazil also include 32 hydroelectric plants and the largest private Atlantic Forest reserve in the country, the Legado das Águas – Reserva Votorantim, an area of 31,000 hectares in the state of São Paulo.


The Institute believes in the establishment of partnerships as a means to consolidate its role as a social hub, enhancing the results and expanding the scope of Votorantim’s social initiatives.

We seek partners who share our purposes or challenges and whose work is complementary to ours. The result of this sum of efforts is positively reflected on all parties involved and has real impact.

The definition of the projects that are supported by the Votorantim Institute is based on the demands of the portfolio companies and on opportunities identified through interaction with strategic partners.

The Institute acts as an ‘antenna’ that identifies connections and opportunities to support both Votorantim companies and our partners in facing social challenges.”

Rafael Gioielli, General Manager at the Votorantim Institute

Together with the Institute, our partners make up a network that, day after day, benefits more from synergy, alignment and consistency in the results of the projects we execute together.

Who we work with

Awards and Recognition

In 16 years of activities, the Votorantim Institute has received several awards and recognition that are a testament to its pioneering spirit and the transformative potential of its work. Learn about some of them: