About Us and How We Work

Created in 2002, the Votorantim Institute is the nucleus of social intelligence of Votorantim companies and works on the generation of shared value.

Through these efforts, we promote social benefits that are increasingly important and lasting in the locations where Votorantim operates, while also creating an environment that is conducive to the sustainable operation of the company’s businesses.

Our work prioritizes learning about the current challenges of the regions where Votorantim conducts its businesses, which is one of the steps to understand the long-term solutions for society and to identify opportunities and risks for the business.

Based on this diagnosis, we develop strategies and projects to promote social development and, at the same time, increase the competitiveness of the companies.

In all our initiatives, we also seek alignment with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

To us, in a more just and sustainable society, everyone wins.


To enhance the social performance of the Votorantim companies, contributing to the competitiveness of the business and the development of communities.


Companies and communities evolving in synergy.

Our work

We seek to strengthen the socio-economic development levers of the locations where Votorantim operates on two fronts: Social Business Management, which is directly linked to the company’s strategy, and Local Development, in which we work to strengthen and enhance the local potential for social development.



In 2017, the Votorantim Institute helped to enhance the social investment of Votorantim companies, aiming to generate shared value: R$ 127.1 million were invested, benefiting almost 860,000 people in 144 towns and cities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.


64.5 millions
204 projects


64.8 millions
248 projects


76.1 millions
293 projects


71.5 millions
320 projects


108.5 millions
340 projects


127.1 millions

Organizational chart

The controlling shareholder of Votorantim is the Ermírio de Moraes family through the Hejoassu holding company, which is managed through the Hejoassu Council (Council of Property) and the Family Council.

Votorantim S. A., which is controlled by Hejoassu, is the portfolio manager, with oversight by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for defining and developing the business portfolio.

In parallel, the Board of the Votorantim Institute is responsible for providing guidelines for social investment, operating through three committees: BNDES Committee, Strategy Committee and Finance Committee. In addition, each portfolio company has its own Board of Directors.