The Institute believes in the establishment of partnerships as a means to consolidate its role as a social hub, enhancing the results and expanding the scope of Votorantim’s social initiatives.

We seek partners who share our purposes or challenges and whose work is complementary to ours. The result of this sum of efforts is positively reflected on all parties involved and has real impact.

The definition of the projects that are supported by the Votorantim Institute is based on the demands of the portfolio companies and on opportunities identified through interaction with strategic partners.

The Institute acts as an ‘antenna’ that identifies connections and opportunities to support both Votorantim companies and our partners in facing social challenges.”

Rafael Gioielli, General Manager at the Votorantim Institute

Together with the Institute, our partners make up a network that, day after day, benefits more from synergy, alignment and consistency in the results of the projects we execute together.

Who we work with