Social solutions

Social Performance Planning

Planning guide (Corporate Social Investment)

The Votorantim Institute seeks to support the incorporation of structured community work into Votorantim’s business strategy. Our goal is to collaborate in the development of the companies and society.

Aiming at a valuable social agenda, we created a methodology based on our companies’ strategic planning – which considers the range of the company’s operations – and on the relationships with communities.

To achieve a consistent Social Agenda, we base our work on a map of the challenges, risks and opportunities of the territories, considering the desired changes in the medium and long term. Our initiatives also take into account the demands of the community and engage the local leadership so they can monitor the effectiveness of the social initiatives.

In that way, we are able to evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives implemented, determine their sustainability and relevance in the communities, and guide the investment plan year by year.

Our social performance strategy goes beyond promoting good actions. Local development generates a shared earnings relationship and creates a dynamic and innovative environment conducive to the prosperity of the people and the business.

Project Portfolio Management

To ensure the effective implementation of a plan, it is necessary to have qualified monitoring of planned activities.

The Votorantim Institute guides the companies in the management of their project portfolio and offers technical support, tools and systems to monitor the progress of the activities, milestones and results of each project.

When there are deviations from the plan, we seek the root cause of the problems and determine the implementation of corrective actions to regularize the progress of the project. All this can be followed and managed in an online platform.

Management tools

The Votorantim Institute acts as a nucleus of social strategy and as a guide and driver of the social performance of Votorantim companies.

With tools and methodologies, it plays the role of social hub and establishes relationships among partners, companies and communities, identifying possible threats as well as levers for new businesses.

All Social Strategic Management is structured in four stages: Social Performance Planning and Partnership Identification (P); Contracting, Formalization, Project Execution and Partnership Initiatives (D); Project and Portfolio Monitoring and Partnership Management (C); Impact Assessment and Knowledge Management (A).

The Institute outlines the entire social strategy based on the companies’ schedule of activities, to systematize the initiatives according to Votorantim’s calendar in each location.



The monitoring of each stage, through the contracting and formalization of social projects, is done through the Votorantim Social Project Managing System (GPSV, for its initials in Portuguese).


Through this system, it is possible to follow the life cycle of the programs and initiatives and, subsequently, to evaluate their impact and progress, as well as to measure the results of private social investments.


An example of the use of this methodology was the Sustainable Primavera project, in Primavera, Pará, Brazil. The return yielded by this project was 4.5 times greater than the amount invested by Votorantim Cimentos, which benefited from the Institute’s expertise to achieve this result.

Studies and Diagnostics

Business strategies are increasingly influenced by social factors. Therefore, it is paramount for companies to know the communities and the markets in which they operate.

The Votorantim Institute supports companies’ performance of studies and diagnostics, either to analyze the viability of a new operation or to design a social strategy.

These socioeconomic and anthropological studies and diagnostics guide business decisions by considering the social factors that might have an impact on the short-, medium- and long-term strategy.

Programs and Projects

Network of Partners

The Votorantim Institute works through a network of partners that help to enhance and broaden the reach of our initiatives.

In addition, our partners also add knowledge and increase project funding.

In partnership with the companies, we map relevant organizations and players – civil society, government, local organizations, businesses and public authorities – thereby establishing bilateral or multilateral collaboration platforms that enhance these relationships and promote connections.