Social Performance Planning

Planning guide (Corporate Social Investment)

The Votorantim Institute seeks to support the incorporation of structured community work into Votorantim’s business strategy. Our goal is to collaborate in the development of the companies and society.

Aiming at a valuable social agenda, we created a methodology based on our companies’ strategic planning – which considers the range of the company’s operations – and on the relationships with communities.

To achieve a consistent Social Agenda, we base our work on a map of the challenges, risks and opportunities of the territories, considering the desired changes in the medium and long term. Our initiatives also take into account the demands of the community and engage the local leadership so they can monitor the effectiveness of the social initiatives.

In that way, we are able to evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives implemented, determine their sustainability and relevance in the communities, and guide the investment plan year by year.

Our social performance strategy goes beyond promoting good actions. Local development generates a shared earnings relationship and creates a dynamic and innovative environment conducive to the prosperity of the people and the business.