Sustainable Primavera

Return on Social Investment

In the context of the implementation of a new unit in the town of Primavera (state of Pará, Brazil), Votorantim Cimentos promoted initiatives to contribute to local development.

In 2010, Votorantim Cimentos decided to open a new integrated cement production unit in the town of Primavera, Pará, Brazil.

In addition to the technical and operational challenges involved in the project, the company also considered the social aspects of the town. The town occupied the 4,695th position in the Brazilian Municipal Human Development Index.

This situation was a reflection of a low schooling level, a lack of economic activities and deficits in infrastructure and in the provision of public services. To contribute to the development of the town, the company, in partnership with the Votorantim Institute, designed the Sustainable Primavera project.

Since 2011, the project has promoted initiatives in different areas, such as professional training, education, health, sanitation, infrastructure and development of production chains.

Other Votorantim Institute consolidated methodologies have also been applied in the town: the Votorantim Partnership for Education (PVE, for its initials in Portuguese), Votorantim for Childhood and Adolescence (VIA, for its initials in Portuguese) and the Support to Public Administration program (AGP, for its initials in Portuguese).

Through 2015, R$ 10 million had been invested in the initiative and in 2016 another R$ 2 million was invested in public security. Five years into Votorantim’s community work, a study measured the impact of the investments made in Primavera and their return to the company.

To calculate the results, Votorantim Cimentos benefited from the expertise of the Emerging Markets Multinationals Network (EMM Network), the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV). The analysis used a discounted cash flow model, which compared the net present value (NPV) of scenarios with and without the company’s investments.

The return? R$ 4.54 for each real invested locally, demonstrating that social investments generate returns.