Corporate Volunteering addresses the different situations and opportunities of companies, according to which it is possible to design and execute various strategies and specific tools.

Primary target

  • Employees of Votorantim companies
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Public Schools

Among them are: volunteer games, marathons (hackathons), platforms, communication campaigns, in-loco and online training, skill-based volunteering (volunteering linked to skills development), etc. These initiatives contribute to the company’s strategy regarding internal and external stakeholders.

Volunteer Challenge

The Volunteer Challenge is a competition among employees and third parties of all Votorantim companies. The participants organize themselves into teams and select social organizations or schools in which to perform community work.

The teams earn points according to the initiatives they perform, which are reported in the Challenge’s online platform, considering the companies’ diversity. They also have autonomy to choose which activities they want to perform and how, within the possibilities offered. This initiative has recently been improved, and the activities are now also related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which are part of the 2030 Global Agenda.

In its first year, in 2015, 56 Votorantim units participated in the Volunteer Challenge, with 2,000 volunteers – which included employees and community guests, totaling 14,000 hours of work.

In 2016, the Volunteer Challenge expanded internationally, with the participation of three Nexa and VSA units in Peru. Throughout the years, the goal is to steadily improve the methodology to include other Votorantim operations in South America, and more employees

2017 Numbers

50 participating
85 teams
10149 activities linke
to the SDGs
4586 volunteers
49 entities
3773 people