Partnership for the Enhancement of Education (PVE)

Being present makes a difference


his program aims to contribute to the improvement of public education in the towns where Votorantim operates, working in partnership with municipal governments and their education offices.

Público-alvo direto

  • Educational managers
  • School managers
  • Influencers

Indirect target

  • Teachers and students of municipal public schools

The initiative, certified as a Social Technology by the Banco do Brasil Foundation, has accumulated positive results and has also made an impact on the Basic Education Development Index (Ideb, for its initials in Portuguese).

35% improvement in the IDEB
at the elementary school level
(1st to 5th grade)

45% improvement in the IDEB
at the middle school level
(6th to 9th grade)

A comparative study between towns where the PVE is in place and a control group, conducted from 2007 to 2013, indicated a 30% increase in the Index in the towns that applied the program methodology in comparison to the other towns.

In 2016, the study indicated an even greater improvement: the Ideb’s improvement in the towns where the program is in place was 38% in elementary schools (1st to 5th grade) and 45% in middle schools (6th to 9th year).

In 2018, the year of the centenary of Votorantim, the intention is to reach 100 towns with the PVE. To achieve this goal, in addition to individual projects, in 2017 the initiative also worked in clusters. In this format, the initiative takes place in two to four towns at the same time, promoting the exchange of experiences and cooperation between them.

In addition, Votorantim companies are working to mobilize employees through voluntary activities and social mobilization initiatives.

In all, a contingent of more than 40,000 people, with diverse knowledge and skills, adds strength to the PVE and increases the power to transform education in towns around Brazil.

  • Technical partner and executor:

  • Institutional technical partners:

How does it work?

Created in 2008, the PVE works on two fronts: social mobilization and management empowerment.

On the social mobilization front, the focus is on community engagement, aiming to increase local participation in advocating for quality education.

The program uses tools that bring families closer to schools, encouraging and empowering school councils and promoting children’s leadership.

On the management empowerment front, the PVE contributes directly to enhance the educational offerings. The initiatives are aimed at professional skill development of officials at local offices of Education, and educational and school managers.

Also on this front, the PVE seeks to strengthen the general culture of continuing education among education professionals.

The PVE also uses methodologies, tools and content from partners such as: Cedac, Cenpec, Lemann, All for Education, Futura and Alana.

Numbers of 2018

10 years of
1,130 schools
104 municipalities in
17 states
162 mil people mobilized
2,900 education directors
and coordinators
360 mil students

PVE work

In 2017, the PVE worked in 51 towns and cities

Distributed over 16 brazilian states

Supported by 8 Votorantim companies(CBA, Citrosuco, Fibria, Legado das Águas, Votorantim Cimentos, Votorantim Energia, Nexa, Votorantim Siderurgia.)

Videos of PVE initiatives