A Message from the Board

At Votorantim, we share the vision that the financial dimension is not enough to measure the true performance of a company, and that a business cannot be an island of prosperity in a fragile social environment. We want to be a strong company connected with an equally strong society, and our 100-year history—celebrated in 2018—demonstrates our commitment to make this a reality.

In 2018, Votorantim’s social investment strategy totaled R$ 114 million allocated to initiatives in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. The Institute supports the implementation of this strategy by working in close collaboration with the Votorantim companies, for which the Institute represents a nucleus of social intelligence and innovation that supports the construction of positive social legacies in the areas of influence of Votorantim. A performance that is coherent with the businesses, robust investment planning and management, and a focus on results are important differentials of the initiatives developed by the Institute.

This has been the path taken by the Institute since its foundation in 2002, in a process of continuous maturation that involves paying close attention to the conditions and trends in the social arena and to the opportunities and needs of the businesses, improving methodologies and establishing strategic partnerships. Always looking at the future and at social impact, we have made consistent progress and consolidated positive impacts for our various businesses.

One of the great milestones of this trajectory in 2018 was undoubtedly the definition of Votorantim’s Social DNA, a process coordinated by the Votorantim Institute and involving shareholders and executives of all Votorantim companies. DNA is not something that we build—it is the essence, the code that drives each of our characteristics.

Behind the idea of systematizing Votorantim’s social identity in a document validated by our top leadership are the principles of clarity, strategic direction and commitment to achievements that govern all other dimensions of Votorantim’s business model. The new document is not an addendum to be applied in isolated or specific situations. It serves as the guideline for everyday work, future planning, and investment decisions.

Based on the Social DNA, each employee of each Votorantim company can and must be the leader of their own social performance within Votorantim and the transformations that they can drive. The leadership, in particular, has the role of engaging through example and strategic vision to realize, in practice, the ambitions and desires that move the company in all areas of activity.

José Ermírio de Moraes Neto

Chairman of the Board of the Votorantim Institute