Social Performance and Innovation

The Votorantim Institute supports Votorantim’s social activities in 160 municipalities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. In 2018, Votorantim’s social investments in these municipalities totaled R$ 123 million

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of our investments
  • 65,2% Votorantim (voluntary)
  • 11,9% Votorantim (compulsory)
  • 9,7% Votorantim Institute
  • 8,9% Incentivized Resources
  • 3,8% Sub Credit from BNDES
  • 0,5% External Fundraising

2018 Performance

Working in Networks

Joining Efforts with Different Partners Leverages Knowledge, Broadens the Reach of Social Initiatives and Improves Resu...

Voting Guide

Since the enactment of the 1988 Constitution, which gave all Brazilian citizens over the age of 16 the right to ch...

Economic Development

ReDes Program Supports the Independent and Sustainable Work of Production Groups; the Total Income Generated Between 20...

Doing the Right Thing, No Matter What

Campaign Encourages Donations of Personal Income Tax and Promotes Solidarity Among Employees of Votorantim Companies ...

Votorantim’s Social DNA

Shareholders and Corporate Executives Define the Essence of the Social Performance of Votorantim and Its Companies ...

Volunteer Challenge

Focused on Education and Citizenship, the 2018 Volunteer Challenge Mobilized More People and Worked in Synergy with th...

Performance in Numbers

Votorantim’s External Social Investment Strategy, Supported by the Institute, Mobilized R$ 123 Million in Resources ...

Investing in Education

During a Decade of Activities, the Votorantim Partnership for Education (PVE) Program Reaches the Milestone of 104 Muni...

Support to Public Management

Structural Program Builds Legacies for Municipalities in the Areas of Administrative Modernization and Territorial Plan...

Strategy and Management


  • Flávia Bacar Siqueira
  • Rafael Gioielli
  • Juliana Muscovick
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  • Judith Mota
  • Célia Raquel Gomes
  • Judith Mota
  • Karina Fusco