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We work to generate the best return for social and impact investors.

Under the management of the Institute and with the participation of allied companies, we seek to create bridges between business ecosystems with socio-environmental impact and enable partnerships for sustainable growth.

Operational categories

Impact-oriented investment
Investimento social

Impact Fund - iV Ventures

Venture Philanthropy Fund that supports early stage entrepreneurs committed to developing transformative solutions in the areas of Water and Sanitation, Low Carbon Economy and Social Interest Housing.The fund's objective is to provide resources to entrepreneurs to enable the next investment rounds.

This is an innovative initiative that aims to provide smart money, that is, in addition to financial support, it will act in the connection of startups with the expertise of Votorantim's investees.

Impact management for investors

Support in the implementation of socio-environmental impact strategies for investors and funds. para investidores e fundos.
We offer all our knowledge on socio-environmental issues and best practices and impact metrics to develop impact theses, theory of change, investment assessment tools and processes, monitoring and impact assessment of investees. One example is the support to Banco Votorantim's FoF Impact strategy.

Impact-oriented investment
Investimento social

Portfolio monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and execution of projects through GPSV (Social Project Manager Votorantim) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Selection and technical analysis of projects

Prospecting projects and organizations, with evaluation and investment recommendations aligned with the business strategy, reducing risks and enhancing results.

Investment Strategy

Definition of impact strategy aligned with the values ​​and positioning
of the business.

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