Shaping for life

We believe that a driving element is required in order for companies and communities to evolve in synergy. To us, it is work. Work is in the DNA of the Votorantim Group, and through it, in the broadest sense of the word – accomplish, act, build, perform together -, we trust we can leverage sustainable company performance and community development, i.e., create conditions for a better life.

Votorantim Institute, work shapes life.

The Votorantim Group

The Votorantim Group is a 100 percent Brazilian enterprise with operations in 21 countries and with a track record of 96 years of activities. The Group is in pursuit of permanence and of the steady expansion of its business, with sustainable development as a path towards continued growth. Votorantim Group’s Principles of Sustainability are aligned with the guidelines of the United Nations Global Compact. One of the principles addresses community development as a value, and it is in this context that the Votorantim Institute acts, guiding the Group’s social responsibility. Local Development and Community Relations are part of Votorantim’s business strategy and, in this context, the Institute provides specialized technical assistance to direct and drive the Group’s social performance.

Companies and communities – evolving in synergy

The Votorantim Institute was created in 2002 to guide the corporate social responsibility strategy of Votorantim Group’s companies. Its mission is to qualify the social activities carried out by the Group’s companies, by this contributing to business competitiveness and community development. The main goal is to ensure that the presence of a Votorantim unit nurtures improvements in the communities quality of life, which also results in a better environment for businesses.

Levers of development

Our strategy aims to enable the levers for the socioeconomic development of the localities. A few of these levers are part of the daily activities at the Group’s companies, such as procuring supplies and services from suppliers and training and hiring manpower. In practice, the Votorantim Institute seeks to encourage the procurement of local supplies and services and the training and use of local professionals, among other initiatives. Other levers are social. In this field, Votorantim Institute works with projects and programs that have strengthening human, social and institutional capital, and fostering economic dynamism as their strategic axes.

Economic Dynamism

Values and encourages the work of local entrepreneurs, fostering initiatives that generate income and reduce inequality and economic dependence in the locations that are supported.

Case: ReDes Program
Partnership with BNDES (the National Development Bank) to create jobs and income by fostering productive chains and professional qualification in 28 Brazilian municipalities.

Human Capital

A premise that is central to Votorantim Group’s efforts, strategies and actions, this axis contributes to training citizens, encouraged by new opportunities and prospects. It supports projects in the areas of education, job qualification, culture, sports and protecting the rights of children and adolescents.

Case: Votorantim Partnership for Education (VPE)
This project promotes actions for social mobilization and to support public administrations with a focus on improving the quality of education. An impact assessment undertaken in 2013 showed that after five years of operations, VPE helped accelerate the growth of the IDEB (Basic Education Development Index) in the participating municipalities:

  • One year and five months in Elementary Education 1;
  • Five years in Elementary Education 5.

Social Capital

This strategic axis fosters the training and development of networks and alliances, affording social dialog and greater engagement with the communities.

Case: Community Participation Groups
Community participation is part of Votorantim Institute’s operational strategy. In this methodology, the community is encouraged and supported to identify opportunities, develop networks and implemente actions. Thirty-six groups have graduated, in a total of upwards of 450 participants in 13 Brazilian states and the Federal District.

Institutional Capital

Encourages the strengthening of the public administration and of social organizations, helping make them more effective and efficient for the actual development of the communities.

Case: Public Management Support Program
Also in partnership with BNDES, this program aims to support projects to modernize public administrations and to reduce the infrastructure deficit in municipalities where Votorantim has operations. We are in 12 municipalities and expect to be in 2 more in 2014.



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