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Votorantim Institute is an applied intelligence center whose purpose is to boost businesses to build a sustainable future.

We believe that sustainable businesses are the ones that make a difference in the world and we work guided by our values ​​to enable their development:


We think and act with courage. We always seek a systemic and diverse look.


Build socio-environmental solutions that generate value for society.


Sustainable businesses are those that generate value for the world.


Boost business to build a sustainable future.

We perform with excellence impact oriented. We adapt to different contexts and situations.

Our way of generating value

The Institute operates through four models:

Programs and Projects

We develop and implement programs and projects that support organizations in structuring and executing socio-environmental initiatives.


We support businesses in their sustainable strategy through practices and diagnoses that aim to improve solutions in the face of environmental, social and governance challenges.

Impact Investing

We work to generate the best return for social and impact investors, in addition to promoting structured investment opportunities.


We believe in the power of networked collaboration to build a sustainable future. Sharing our knowledge is to enhance the legacy and impact we want.

Commitment to results

Get to know some highlights of our performance in 2021:

244 projects carried out in 2021
R$28 milhões invested in technologies developed by the Institute of R$122.5 million in total investment
20 states in Brazil achieved with our performance
146 municipalities impacted by actions and programs

Awards and


Network connections enhance our performance

We believe in establishing partnerships aligned with our purpose to generate connections and qualify results, expanding the impact power of the socio-environmental actions we develop.


Organizations outside the Votorantim universe that co-finance or contract the Institute's initiatives and/or contribute technical and reputational capital to specific projects.

Networks and associations

Organizations linked to the universe of Private Social Investment, Impact Investment and themes worked at the Institute, of which we are a member.

Structure and governance

To learn more about the social performance of each of Votorantim's investees, click on the company of your interest in the organizational chart above.