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How can I get support or sponsorship from Instituto Votorantim?

Instituto Votorantim does not sponsor. We work in partnership with Votorantim's investee companies, as well as other institutions, companies and partners for the execution of projects.

To see where we operate, click here.

Does the Instituto Votorantim have a donation policy?

Instituto Votorantim does not donate, distribute or sell products manufactured by Votorantim companies. Our focus of action is through projects on different themes, building socio-environmental solutions that generate value for society.

Does the Instituto Votorantim partner or provide financial support for scientific projects?

We value scientific research, but we do not receive proposals or fund projects. Our current initiatives you can click here.

How can I work at Instituto Votorantim?

Thank you for your interest in our vacancies! To share your CV, write to dho@institutovotorantim.org.br. dho@institutovotorantim.org.br.

Where can I find the culture notice?

The culture notice was a practice adopted by the Instituto Votorantim in the past. Currently, the presentation of cultural projects must be done directly at the Votorantim company closest to your city.

Where can I find the Institute's articles, studies and publications?

Click here. We make our productions available with the aim of sharing knowledge, stimulating discussions and providing advances, thus enriching the socio-environmental impact ecosystem.